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Matthew currently stars as a charming serial killer in the Jim Hansen/Jeffery Self feature, "You're Killing Me", which was acquired by Wolfe Media and currently appears on iTunes, Amazon and  He also stars in the critically acclaimed VIACOM/LOGO web series "EastSiders" now airing on Netflix. In 2013, he made his Sundance debut in James Franco's "Interior. Leather Bar". 


Other television credits include "In the Flow with Affion Crockett", "Friends with Benefits", as well as HereTV's "She's Living for This."  He has appeared in numerous commercials, most notably opposite Kim Kardashian in her latest Midori campaign. 


Matthew grew up as a military brat both in Okinawa and Sacramento.  He was the neurotic kid in elementary school afraid of using public toilets, the class computer or participating in P.E. square-dancing.  Quickly becoming the outcast after getting caught washing his desk during recess, he began to channel his O.C.D. into art. He sought an outlet and thus began dramaticizing the most banal school subjects into short films; namely: the making of paper in Ancient Egypt, the geology of Yosemite and a disco-rendition of Excalibur.  In his anal industriousness, he somehow also picked up how to draft architectural schematic drawings by the tender age of 11, which proved to haunt him for much of his life.


After surviving a high school career mired in participation in both musical theater and marching band, he went on to serve as an exchange student in Switzerland.  There, he lived with a family and began soaking up foreign languages like a sponge.  He became exposed to new ways of life that caused him to call into question most every suburban component that had shaped his being; like how to do the dishes by leaving the water faucet off and transferring the sudsy water from pot to pot (which appealed to his O.C.D.).


Critical of nearly everything, Matthew returned to study architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, where his parents accidentally enrolled him in a course in "Utopian and Communist Literature". He moved into a vegan, clothing-optional student cooperative with a pet Boa constrictor one year later and the rest is history.


Matthew then studied abroad at the Technical University in Berlin, where he wound up on a self-searching solo-mission to Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia for several months.  He takes tumorous pride in being one of the first tourists to visit Chernobyl without a protective suit.


Despite the fact that his childhood O.C.D. has metamorphosed into a provocative acting career peppered with vitriolic outbursts on screen, Matthew claims to maintain a sunny disposition.  He enjoys swimming, gardening and therapeutically flipping houses on the side, like a good Angeleno.

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